Established in 1999,(the first christian production outfit in Nigeria) this arm of the ministry is an international Christian production outfit. It has packaged many award winning films for Ministries, Churches, Drama groups and Independent produces around the world. Our focus and mission is to package anointed Christian films with the spirit of excellence. Our team is made up of competent and committed professionals who give their best to give you the best. TRECOM Production Commission has mission statements which are:
(1) Directing Christian films
(2) Packaging of Christian films with the spirit of excellence
(3) Adding professionalism to anointing in film production
(4)Providing every member of technical crew such as Director, D.O.P, Scriptwriter, Script Supervisor, Make up Artiste, Production Manager etc.
Please note that:
• The message must be spirit-filled, anointed and Bible-based.
• The producers must be ready to have a thorough pre-production through to post-production
• We take up production professionally as led of the Holy Spirit.




This is an arm of the ministry through which we minister drama live on stage in different churches, programs, conferences, conventions, seminars, special meetings, etc. The Lord keeps giving us heart-lifting and timely messages as He keeps opening doors for us to minister through drama. The ministry is available to minister in any program or special meetings at any time. Our ministrations can be as short as 10 minutes depending on what is required of us.